Searching and Browsing

Make your search more efficient by following these simple guidelines.

Searching by Keyword

Enter one or more keywords into the search box with a space between each word. Our search engine will restrict results to listings in which all your keywords appear somewhere in the title, author name, and/or description.

Searching by Title

Enter a word or exact phrase from the title. Only exact phrase matches will be returned. For example, to find the book The Growth of Humanity, searching for growth humanity will not be successful, but growth of humanity or simply humanity will work.

Searching by Author

Type in the first name (if you know it) and last name of the author, with no comma between them. For example, barry bogin. This can provide more specific results than searching for bogin, barry, which will return titles whose author names contain either "bogin" or "barry."

Searching by ISBN or ISSN

An ISBN must contain 10 characters, and an ISSN must contain 8 characters, with no spaces or special characters except for hyphens. Hyphens are acceptable, but not required.

General Search Facts

The search engine is not case-sensitive and does not recognize diacritical marks (such as accents). Correct spelling is essential, as the search engine will only return exact matches of any word or name you enter.

If you enter multiple keywords and would like to see listings that contain at least one of them, use OR. For example, if you enter analog OR digital, your search results will include all listings containing the words "analog" or "digital," but not necessarily both.

Our search engine also supports wild card searches. If you want to find listings with words that contain a string of letters, use an * (asterisk) after the text string you would like the results to contain. For example, if you enter analog*, your results will turn up all listings containing "analog," "analogue," "analogy," etc.