Sales & Marketing Support

Wiley's marketing, publicity, and sales teams begin their work early in the publishing cycle. They are involved in every step of product development, from market identification through the selection, analysis, and development of product ideas to the sale of finished products. And they employ the full range of marketing resources—Amazon.com, trade and academic representation, direct mail, print and online advertising, social media, telemarketing, promotion, publicity—to reach customers effectively through multiple channels.

We provide authors with world-class global marketing to help increase a book’s exposure. Through our international locations in each of the world’s key markets, we are able to provide a high degree of local author support and truly international marketing and sales.

With your help and knowledge of the industry, we can further ensure that your book reaches audiences with the most interest and highest potential. We welcome and encourage your participation in marketing your book, whether by taking book flyers to meetings or by sharing sales leads with us.

Useful Resources for Successfully Marketing Your Book

Library Recommendation Form
If you are affiliated with an academic, government, or corporate institution that has a library, why not download our library recommendation form to send to your library?

Wiley Author’s Guide to Online Marketing and Publicity
Follow these free and simple steps to help promote your consumer or professional book online. From blogs to online booksellers, we show you how to connect with readers, build a following, and participate in online communities—all of which present valuable opportunities to drive visibility and sales.

Wiley Affiliate Program (available in the U.S. only)
Are you part of an organization that could host your book on its site? Try the Wiley Affiliate Program, which allows our partners to turn site traffic into added revenue by enabling visitors to purchase books, journals, and electronic products from Wiley web sites for a share in the sales generated.