Partner With Us

Whether it's through our B2B or society partnership programs, partnering with Wiley can help you to increase revenue, build your brand, and expand your reach.

Wiley Interface is a program based in our Medical Communications Division that is designed to help medical businesses support their brands and increase their reach through the development of respected and influential communications. Wiley Interface is at the center of Wiley's growing B2B program.


Societies seeking a publishing partner can join forces with Wiley's expansive society publishing program. Our society partners improve service to readers and authors by leveraging one of the most advanced platforms in digital publishing, as well as gaining access to our excellent production staff, aggressive global marketing, state-of-the-art web-based manuscript handling, and support for editorial services. As our exceptional renewal rates show, Wiley is at the forefront of society publishing in the 21st century.


Suppliers seeking to work with Wiley should refer to Wiley’s Sourcing and Procurement page where they will be able to find the necessary resources required to become ready to partner with Wiley